Pictures by Steve Jones. Trips 801, 805 and 601.

On the boat...
On the top of Avachinsky Volcano.
Malkinskaya Bystraya River.
Dale and Evelyn Tronrud.
Descending Avacha Volcano.
PKC. Downtown.
Avacha Volcano crater. View to Koryaksky Volcano.
Walking in city.
Evening. Bystraya River.
Mutnovsky Volcano crater.
Trek from Khodutka Volcano. Trip 801.
View from a top of volcano.
Boat excrursion round Avacha Bay.
Way from Ksudach Volcano. Khodutka Vlc approaching. Trip 801.
Gorely Volcano crater.
Three Brother Rocks.
Mud pot in Valley of Geysers. Noon. Trip 801.
Gates to Mutnovsky Volcano crater.Ksudach Volcano waterfall. Trip 801.Mutnovsky Glasier.
Koryaksky Volcano. From Avacha Volcano top. Avacha Bay.
Valley of Geysers. Khodutka Hot River. Trip 801.